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Hundreds of state troopers may have falsified thousands of traffic tickets, audit finds
According to an internal investigation, troopers falsified tickets for their own personal benefit as those who appear productive are often eligible for federally funded overtime.

CONFIRMED . . . CDC Is Sending Mobile Crews To TEST Selected People…
We’re hearing more and more stories about this kind of thing. DO NOT COMPLY! . . . SC

It's Official: They Lied
As Canada’s finance intelligence expert admits that Freedom Convoy donors posed no threat, we ask, what’s the real reason they were cut off from financial services?

The Gathering Storm in the West
Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week invoked martial law to arrest and financially destroy truckers on the charge that their largely peaceful protests are “dismantling the Canadian economy” that had already been dismantled for two years under some of the most draconian lockdowns in the world. The trucker “sect,” Trudeau added, is guilty of felonious “unacceptable views.” But his rhetoric still cannot square the circle of demonizing vital workers while conceding he cannot run his country without them.

LEAKED Texts Show Cops MOCKING Injured Freedom Truckers, Canada Vows To Make War Powers PERMAMNENT

Police Harass, Arrest & Beat Canadian Freedom Convoy Protesters in Ottawa FULL SHOW 2-20-2022
Owen Shroyer breaks down the latest developments from Ottawa, where Trudeau’s law enforcement thugs have violently cleared most of the Freedom Convoy from downtown, with the Ottawa police chief threatening to hunt down and punish the protesters regardless of whether they “retreated and went home.”

WOW!! They're Going To EXTREME Lengths Here...
This video shows you the extreme lengths they’re going in Ottawa, Canada and the bigger implications.

A Naturalized Canadian Woman from Romania Gives a Speech for the Ages
A woman born in Romania gave a moving speech the other day to a gathering of Canadians protesting the Covid oppression of Justin Trudeau and his band of totalitarian collaborators.

GET READY: What Happened In Canada Was Just A Test!
This video gives you the truth about what happened in Canada and how what's been going on politically and financially is just the beginning.

BREAKING: Dawid Pawlowski, the brother of Pastor Artur, has just been arrested for allegedly breaching his bail conditions.
Pastor Art has been in jail for the past 3 weeks for similar allegations. Please go to to help support their legal battle.

This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen from Police State in Canada
This is only made possible by law enforcement officers willing to enforce tyranny.

Hawley reiterates call for Canada to be placed on religious liberty watch list as pastor remains jailed
Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., reiterated his call for Canada to be placed on a special watch list of religious liberty violators as a Canadian pastor continues to be jailed after addressing the Freedom Convoy on the U.S.-Canada border earlier this month

S-233 Universal Basic Income with “standardized helath requirements.” This is the Chinese social credit system. No jab, no welfare. A vast majority of you will not be able to survive without “government assistance” because you will own nothing!