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Pope Francis Urges Pride Organizers To Be Inclusive of 'Pedosexuals'
If you thought Pope Francis could not possibly make it any clearer that he’s a false prophet who is actively working to subvert Christianity, you would be wrong. If you thought the pope who replaced the conservative Pope Benedict in a globalist coup orchestrated by Obama, Clinton and Soros could not possibly find yet more shameful ways to betray his followers, you would be wrong again. Brace yourself because Pope Francis has voiced his support of people who molest children being openly accepted in mainstream society. Pope Francis has outdone himself this time, putting his Satanic cards on the table in the most shameless way possible as he joins the globalist elites’ war against our children.

Teens Face Felony Charges For Scooter Marks on Pride Street Mural
Three Washington State teenagers are facing felony charges after they left scooter marks on a gay pride mural that had been painted onto the pavement. A “no-ride zone” has been created around the mural.

We Can't Do the Work For You
You see, “pride” parades and festivals, and “transgender” “drag” events — which not so long ago only happened in the big cities — are now invading small town America, like waves of locusts. The outrage is justifiable, especially considering the targets of all this stuff are our children, and they’re no longer even trying to hide that fact. But my question is, “where have you been all this time?” People: are you just now finding out about all this? Have you listened to nothing I’ve been sounding the alarm about for the last 25 years? Did you not believe the evidence and proof I brought forth, over and over again? Or did you just not care because it wasn’t affecting you?

Putin Vows To Release 'Sickening' Hunter Biden Child Sex Tapes That Will End 'New World Order'
Hunter Biden is a predatory pedophile hiding in plain sight and operating with impunity as the First Son of the United States of America, according to video evidence produced by a Russian investigation personally ordered by Vladimir Putin. According to the FSB, these tapes will send shockwaves around the world and will change forever the way the public view Western political leaders. The global elite are responsible for the greatest crimes and deceptions in history, which means the evidence against them is explosive. Given the heinous nature of their crimes, Putin knows he only has to strike once and the New World Order will fold.

NEWS BREAKING: Supreme Court Delivers Procedural Ruling on Abortion Drugs Another nail in America's coffin!!
Justice Brett Kavanaugh delivered the opinion of the Court, in which he wrote that even though the plaintiffs have “sincere legal, moral, ideological, and policy objections to elective abortion and to the FDA’s relaxed regulation of mifepristone,” because they do not prescribe or use the abortion drug mifepristone, and the FDA is not requiring them to “do or refrain from doing anything,” “the plaintiffs lack standing to challenge FDA’s actions.”

Navy SEALs ridiculed for promoting LGBT ‘pride’ on social media: ‘Our enemies are laughing at us’
The Navy SEALs – famous for being one of the military’s most elite, respected fighting forces – and the Department of Defense are being blasted on social media for promoting rainbow-colored social media posts promoting Pride month

Little By Little, The Economy Has Declined To A Point Where Almost Everyone Is Struggling
It happened so gradually that a lot of people didn’t even realize what was happening. The cost of living just kept rising faster than paychecks were, and little by little our standard of living just kept going down. Now we have reached a stage where the ultra-wealthy are thriving but almost everyone else is struggling. For most people, it is a real fight just to pay the bills from month to month. The majority of the population is deep in debt, and meanwhile the cost of just about everything is going up and up. Millions of Americans feel like they are drowning financially, and there is no easy way out. Sadly, many of them don’t even realize that the game was designed to get them on to a hamster wheel and keep them running for as long as possible.

WEF Unveils Mandatory 'Brain Implants' to Eradicate Conspiracy Theories
Not content with euthanizing your grandparents, pumping mRNA into the food supply to alter your DNA, normalizing pedophilia, and riddling the population with turbo cancer via Bill Gates’ synthetic meat products, the globalist elite are now desperate to regain total control over humanity by waging a war the WEF have disturbingly named the “Battle for your Brain.” According to Klaus Scwab’s WEF, humanity will be better equipped to deal with future challenges if unborn children undergo gene editing to ensure they are free of disabilities, disease, and psychological traits of which the elite disapprove. If Schwab’s plans to “alter the human being” and win the “Battle for your Brain” are not disturbing enough, wait until you hear how the European Union is planning to crack down on any opposition to the globalist agenda. Forewarned is forearmed. This is a coordinated attack by the global elite and its about to explode.

‘Your Children Will Love Us. And Your Children Will Join Us!’ – LGBT Activist
In Philadelphia over the weekend a bit of chaos during the pride parade. Pro-Palestinian Queers formed a blockade – leading to a tense confrontation between the Pro-Palestinian mob and a bunch of lesbians banging their bongos.

VA Hospital Replaces American Flag With LGBT Flag
The American flag was reportedly removed and replaced with a gay pride flag inside the VA medical center in Orlando, Florida. Video of the flag was posted on social media and has since gone viral. The public affairs officer at the medical center has yet to respond to inquiries about the whereabouts of Old Glory. The video also shows a sign posted asking veterans to provide their preferred pronouns. There’s also another sign that says, “love wins.”

Manhunt Underway for Motorist Who Left Tire Marks on Gay Pride Crosswalk -- May God bless this individual!! I would like to shake their hand for their bold stance!! We need to see more of this!!
“In light of the recent vandalism targeting our Progressive Pride flag mural, I want to emphasize that there is no place for hate in St. Petersburg,” an aghast Welch wrote on his X account. “We stand united in valuing and appreciating every resident, regardless of their orientation, gender identity, or expression.”

Colorado Middle School Requires Teachers to Show LGBTQ+ ‘Day of Silence’ Video to Students
A middle school in Colorado set time aside for all students and staff to participate in a daylong LGBTQ+ celebration, encouraging students to watch a promotional video, complete “solidarity” activities, and buy related merchandise.

Maryland parents must accept LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, appeals court decides
On Wednesday, a 2-1 panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia ruled that Maryland parents cannot opt their children out of LGBTQ-inclusive book curricula in classrooms.

Women Are Paying Thousands Of Dollars To Attend “Rage Rituals” Where They Scream And Smash The Ground With Sticks
Would you pay thousands of dollars to take part in a “rage ritual” which involves screaming at the world at the top of your lungs and smashing the ground with large sticks? I imagine that your answer to that question is the same as mine. But there are lots of women that are signing up to do this, and the scam artists that are running these programs are making enormous amounts of money in the process. The women that get conned into attending one of these rage rituals are instructed to work themselves up into an unhinged frenzy by thinking of “every person who’s ever crossed you, who’s ever hurt you, who’s ever ignored your boundaries or taken advantage of you or abused you in any way”, and then they are supposed to use all of that anger as fuel as they hit the ground with big sticks.

CIA Agent Testifies 'We Invented mRNA As a Bioweapon With Gates and WEF'
The CIA invented mRNA technology in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation, according to the bombshell testimony of CIA agent who admits that Covid vaccines were developed as a bioweapon to control humanity. According to the agent and leaked top secret documents, the Covid plandemic was a psy-op run by the CIA to frogmarch humanity towards a total surveillance state, and Covid mRNA vaccines were not developed during Operation Warp Speed, but were ready and waiting for deployment for at least 10 years prior to the plandemic. These revelations are all backed by fully verifiable documents and sources and will spell doom for the elite if we can spread this information to enough people.

Alabama Eliminates Income Taxes on Capital Gains From Sale of Gold and Silver
Senate Bill 297 allows Alabama to exempt capital gains taxes on the sale of gold and silver in a bid to prioritize the earnings of citizens and to protect them from the harmful effects of inflation, currency debasement and increasing federal debt.

Septocaine Dental Anesthetic Mixed With Live Blood: Swarming Micro Robots Kill Blood Cells In 20 Minutes
I had received multiple vials of dental anesthetics. Since I was so backed up on projects, I had not looked at them for a while. Recently, I have had some patients come to me who had dental procedures and after that got debilitatingly sick. They wanted their blood checked and get decontaminated. I found significant self assembled nanotechnology, but

The Income A Family Needs To Live Comfortably In Every US State
The calculations for family income needed in each state were done by SmartAsset, using the cost of necessities sourced from the MIT Living Wage Calculator, last updated on Feb. 14, 2024.

Pfizer Insider Admits 'Pandemic Was a Depopulation Scam'
Breaking news from the heart of Pfizer, where former long-term and high-level employees have stepped forward to bravely expose what they describe as crimes against humanity perpetrated by the pharmaceutical giant. This isn’t just another corporate scandal. It’s a tale of betrayal, manipulation, and mass murder on a scale that’s hard to fathom unless you hear it from those who were on the inside of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and understand Big Pharma’s role in implementing Agenda 2030 on behalf of the global elite.

America In 2024: Fast Food Is A “Luxury”, 11 Million Children Live In Poverty, And 1000s Of Stores Are Closing
Little by little, our standard of living has been eroding. A couple decades ago, we had the largest and most prosperous middle class in the history of the world, but now most of the country is struggling. At this point, fast food is considered to be a “luxury”, 11 million children are living in poverty, and thousands of stores are permanently shutting down all over the United States because consumers have so little discretionary income these days. We are in the midst of a historic cost of living crisis, and those at the bottom of the economic food chain are being hit the hardest

WEF Orders Govt's To Burn Millions of Bees To Usher In 'Global Famine'
World governments have been ordered to crack down on honey bees as the globalist elite escalate the war on farmers and prepare the groundwork for the devastating global famine that insiders have warned us about. Beekeepers around the world are reporting that government officials are visiting farms and destroying healthy bee colonies without cause and without testing for the diseases they claim they are restricting. This blatant assault on our food system is the strongest indication yet of the elite’s resolve to intentionally design a worldwide famine, enabling them to seize tyrannical control over humanity.

Government Stockpiling Vaccines ahead of Pre-Election Pandemic
In order for scientists to produce an efficacious vaccine, (which they believe they already have) there must be a concerted effort to manipulate the genetic code of the H5N1 virus to prepare a line of efficacious vaccines.

Raw Milk At The Crossroads… Again
Few of us were born when the forces for milk pasteurization launched the first major attack on Nature’s perfect food. In 1945, a magazine called Coronet published an article, “Raw Milk Can Kill You,” blaming raw milk for an outbreak of brucellosis in a town called Crossroads, U.S.A., killing one-third of the inhabitants. The Reader’s Digest picked up the story and ran it a year later.

Renowned Oncologist Drops Bombshell: Ivermectin Cures Cancer
Cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy announced that the miracle drug has been used to save the lives of terminally ill patients.

‘Queer Planet’ NBC Series to Teach Children About Transgender Animal Fornication
One of the social engineers’ ongoing projects in the furtherance of transing the world is to convince the public, and particularly children, that animals, like humans, are rampantly pansexual or whatever, with the intended conclusion that abnormal human sexual behavior produced by chemical castration and gender ideology is actually a feature of the natural world and a product of evolution.

Elite Pedo Victim Claims 'Hung' Michelle Obama Attended Satanic Sex Parties
Welcome back to the People’s Voice where breaking news out of the Obama household raises the question – is absolutely everything about Barack and Michelle a carefully constructed lie? The dark truth about Michelle Obama has been hiding in plain sight for years now. Michelle’s high school boyfriend has confirmed she is in fact a biological male, and child rape victims are coming forward to testify they were raped by the former first lady – when she was a man. Then there is the eye test. Some things simply cannot be unseen. Then there is Barack Obama, whose own family have outed him as a closeted homosexual, as has his college girlfriend, and multiple former male lovers. How many people have to come forward before the mainstream media accept their liberal pin-up boy might not be who he claims to be? If everything about the Obamas is a lie, then questions must be asked – who are they, and why are the elite so determined to protect them?

Louisiana expected to classify abortion pills as controlled and dangerous substances
Supporters of the reclassification of mifepristone and misoprostol, commonly known as “abortion pills”, say it would protect expectant mothers from coerced abortions. Numerous doctors, meanwhile, have said it will make it harder for them to prescribe the medicines they use for other important reproductive healthcare needs, and could delay treatment.

The southern border of the United States is wide open, and the Federal government has been conducting a wide-scale criminal operation of flooding the country with unvetted foreigners, distributing them across the United States, and providing them with homes and financial support. The GOP’s talking point has been that this is all about election fraud, but this has been happening all across the Western world for over a decade. This is something far more sinister than election fraud.

Maria Zeee: Nanobots Inside People Programming Humanity
Maria Zeee hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show with special guest Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

Eighty seven year old woman sentenced to 11 year in prison for sitting in front of "murder" center door.
A death sentence for trying to protect children.

We Are Being Warned That Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Our Bodies “By 2030” And Will Be Used To Connect Our Brains To The Internet
Once thousands of nanobots are zipping around inside your body, will you still be in control of your mind, will and emotions or will the nanobots be running the show? According to Google, a nanobot is “a hypothetical, very small, self-propelled machine, especially one that has some degree of autonomy and can reproduce”. Scientists here in the United States have been working on nanobots that can travel through our bodies at astonishing speeds, deliver medicines to targeted locations, and even enter our brain cells. Eventually, researchers hope to use nanobots to connect our brains directly to the Internet. I realize that all of this sounds quite crazy, but as you will see below, everything that I am sharing with you has been documented.

The Financial Incentive to Murder and Poison American Children
In an April 16th interview with Polly Tommey, Dr. Paul Thomas, explained how the American medical establishment incentivizes pediatricians to fully vaccinate their young patients, and fines them if they don’t. Vaccinations that have been proven to cause more death and harm than the diseases they are said to be preventing.

BUSTED: Secret Hollywood Pharmacy Caught Selling Adrenochrome Pills to Elite Celebrities
An elite pharmacy in Los Angeles has been busted selling adrenochrome pills to Hollywood executives and celebrities according to an LAPD source who reveals the ancient drug sourced from tortured and murdered children is booming in popularity in Tinseltown. According to law enforcement, Hollywood elites believe the more the child has suffered, the better the high. They believe the negative emotions that were coursing through the kid’s body, the adrenaline and terror, will give them health benefits and special powers. It’s a Hollywood thing influenced by old school Satanism and they believe they are untouchable because they own everything including the media.“ Unfortunately for the elite, they can’t pay for our silence and we are determined to expose their crimes against children to the masses. Buckle up, this one is going to get wild.

Teacher fired for her Christianity, what she 'might' do if a student wanted her to use fake pronouns wins big settlement
JUPURA VALLEY, CA - On Monday, May 13th, the Jurupa Unified School District (JUSD) settled a $360,000 lawsuit after it fired a teacher for her refusal to use a student's preferred pronouns.

What “The Most Controversial Commencement Speech In U.S. History” Says About America -- While I am not a Catholic I totally believe and support this mans statements!!
I have always been a fan of Harrison Butker, but now I am an even bigger fan. On May 11th, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker delivered what has turned out to be the most controversial commencement speech in U.S. history. During his address at Benedictine College, he expressed traditional Christian viewpoints that nearly the entire country would have agreed with a few generations ago. But expressing those same viewpoints today has created a firestorm of controversy. Enraged leftists are seething with rage and are demanding that the Kansas City Chiefs release him immediately.

Duck Tales in 1967

Target Retreats from LGBT Merch after Year-Long Profit Bloodbath
This year’s Pride Month is shaping up to be a much more humble affair at Target. In an extremely gratifying twist, the company that bragged their transgender line is “great for our brand” has changed its mind after a year-long stock market bruising. It’s the latest evidence that the wildfire of consumer activism is not only spreading but forcing the kind of change most people never thought possible.

Popular Mechanics: "Scientists Want to Use People as Antennas to Power 6G"
This confirms the analysis of human rights activist, Sabrina Wallace who recently explained that the purpose of the clots being formed by the Death Shot is to serve as 6G antenna for the new standard of wireless communications - the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN). She said this is the result of the work done at the Foundries with DARPA, ten years ago.

Ashley Biden 'Singing Like a Canary' in Elite Pedophile Investigation
Three years ago, Klaus Schwab bragged that the World Economic Forum and their globalist stakeholders had seized total control over global politics and entertainment and were set to achieve total dominance over the human race by the year 2030. Unfortunately for Schwab and his dystopian vision of open air prisons, reduced populations, and the decriminalization of pedophilia, the last three years have not gone to plan. In fact, they have been a disaster for the globalists. The people of the world are slowly but surely waking up to the truth and according to investigators the elite pedophile ring operating in Washington D.C. is about to be exposed. The elite pedophile ring operating in Washington D.C. and Hollywood is about to go down, according to an investigator who reveals Ashley Biden and Melinda Gates are “singing like canaries” in the high-stakes investigation that is set to shock the world.

Whooping cough vaccination; A story of dishonesty and deceit
There has been controversy about the whooping cough vaccine for many years but in the UK, the Department of Health and Social Security has consistently managed to convince the majority of medical and nursing staff to support the official line that the vaccine is both safe and effective. The official line has for years paid little attention to the facts. Put bluntly, successive governments have consistently lied about the risks and problems associated with the whooping cough vaccine.

Video: COVID Nurse Whistleblower
From corruption in testing to ventilator harms, death certificate distortion to discrimination of the unvaccinated and more — what she witnessed flies in the face of the pervasive narrative from public health officials and media organizations across the globe.

Satanic Temple Seeks to Introduce Ministers in Oklahoma Public Schools if “Chaplain Bill” Becomes Law
The proposed bill stipulates rigorous checks for those aspiring to be school chaplains. Background checks are mandatory and individuals with a history as registered sex offenders or felony convictions are disqualified from the role. Additionally, any form of child abuse, negligence, or conduct deemed morally questionable can result in termination, KTUL reported.

United Methodists remove anti-gay language from their official teachings - If You Support The UMC In Anyway, Including Being A Member YOU ARE GUILTY OF THE SAME SIN!!!
United Methodist delegates on Thursday removed a 52-year-old declaration from their official social teachings that deemed “the practice of homosexuality ... incompatible with Christian teaching” — part of a wider series of historic reversals of the denomination’s longstanding disapproval of LGBTQ activity.

Doctors Ordered To Euthanize MILLIONS of Vaccinated Patients to Cover-Up 'Disturbing' Side Effects
Big Pharma and the medical industry are desperately scrambling to cover up the full extent of the human tragedy caused by the Covid mRNA vaccines, according to an industry whistleblower who has blown the whistle on what is really happening in hospital corridors. People have been dying so horrifically and so quickly that doctors have been forced to euthanize them to put them out of their misery, according to the whistleblower who reveals that mainstream media is complicit in covering up the extent of the carnage. But as the body bags continue to pile up and more and more people around the world wake up to the grisly reality, the mainstream media has never been less relevant. We are the news now and the people are rising up and demanding justice for the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the global elite.

Covid Shots Officially Declared ‘Biological Weapons’ as Deaths Soar
Covid mRNA shots have officially been declared “biological weapons” in Arizona as deaths among the vaccinated continue to soar.

WEF Admits Pandemic Was a Hoax to Eliminate Cash
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has admitted that the Covid pandemic was a globalist hoax that sought to eliminate cash and force the public to accept central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and digital IDs.

Video: COVID Nurse Whistleblower
From corruption in testing to ventilator harms, death certificate distortion to discrimination of the unvaccinated and more — what she witnessed flies in the face of the pervasive narrative from public health officials and media organizations across the globe.

Pornography now in public school libraries. Did you know? Don't We Love Our Children Enough To Hang The People Responsible For This?!
Someone recently returned a library book that was 37 years overdue to the Riverside Library and Cultural Center in Weld County, Colorado. The book “Psychedelics” which was checked out in 1987, finally found its way home last month, with a Post-it note inside stating: “Sorry so late! It’s been a long, strange trip,” beside a drawing of a smiley face.

Pfizer Admits mRNA Jabs Contain 'Nanobots' That Permanently Alters DNA
ndependent researchers have been warning for years that Covid mRNA vaccines contain secret ingredients and now we have confirmation of the claim. A deep dive into Pfizer’s murky history reveals they partnered with an Israeli to develop programmable nanorobots to be injected into people to alter their DNA, issue them with an IP address, and connect them to the internet. This may sound like wild science fiction, but when you see the stone cold evidence that we have coming up for you, it will be clear that what sounded like a horror movie suddenly looks like a living nightmare for the vaccinated.

What Bill of Rights?
Contrary to modern popular belief, the US Constitution isn’t the first document establishing the USA as a sovereign nation of free self-governed people, the Declaration of Independence is. In fact, the document that preceded the Declaration of 1776 is the Mayflower Compact (1620), the foundation for what appears in the Declaration establishing the USA as a free people and independent sovereign nation almost 250 years ago.

Zoe Warren’s Post
"Taylor, a 52-year-old New York native and a software engineer, discovered the world of gunsmithing years ago. He decided to take it up as a hobby and possibly turn it into a business later. However, when a joint ATF/NYPD task force discovered he was legally buying parts from various companies, they opened up an investigation that led to a SWAT raid and arrest.

With our world drowning in so much senseless war and bloodshed, I have recently been thinking about finishing a project that I began several years ago. It is a short but powerful anti-war film that combines my personal Vietnam experience with the immortal message of the Napalm Girl. -- I do NOT like nor approve of some of the people shown in this video. John Lennon is just one example. BUT, this short video makes a VERY valid point of truth. I am ashamed to admit that although I didn't take an M-16 and kill anyone with it, I was part of the war machine in southeast Asia.

Melania Trump announces push for gay conservatives during fundraiser, organizer says
After having mostly stayed away from her husband’s campaign trail this cycle, Melania Trump made a rare appearance at a political event Saturday night, speaking as a guest of honor at the fundraiser at the Trumps' Mar-a-Lago Club for Log Cabin Republicans, the largest conservative LGBTQ+ organization in the United States.

Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel ay heed to Deut. 17:15, 1 Cor: 5:7-8 and Gal. 5:9. A little sin spreads like a cancer!! Tolerating sexual perversion and the sexual "perverts" damns a nation!!
The man who is most responsible for the $95 billion giveaway to Ukraine and Israel, is the same guy who pretends to oppose America’s “wasteful” foreign wars. Donald Trump. It was Trump who consulted with Speaker Mike Johnson about the contents of the Ukraine aid package, just as it was Trump who concocted the idea of issuing loans instead of dispersing the standard welfare handout. It was also Trump who said:

98% of central banks agree to eliminate cash and implement CBDCs, a new WEF report says
The World Economic Forum released a report on 16 April claiming 98 per cent of the world’s central banks have agreed to implement a cashless society by eliminating physical cash and switching to central bank digital currencies.

Watch: Chinese Immigrant DESTROYS Gun-Grabber David Hogg’s War On 2nd Amendment
A video clip going viral online shows the moment a Chinese woman who “survived communism” under Mao Tse Tung and fled to America slammed leftist anti-gun activist David Hogg.

Income Tax: Civil War Emergency, Supreme Court declared unconstitutional "Class legislation...leads inevitably to oppression"; Woodrow Wilson made permanent, FDR expanded - American Minute with Bill Federer
Among the 1,514 lives that were lost were millionaires John Jacob Astor the Fourth, Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss, all of whom opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank.

He quit his job after what he witnessed..This brief antimated video of a baby being torn apart in the womb is a true story. It is gruesome!! You have been warned!! Watch what we have allowed in America!!

“I Cannot Afford To Live”: Americans Get Emotional As The U.S. Economy Goes Off The Rails
As we approach what is likely to be the most chaotic presidential election in U.S. history, trouble signs are starting to erupt for the U.S. economy. In fact, CNN is actually admitting that “the long-predicted storm clouds in the economy may actually be forming”. I can’t remember the last time that I saw a CNN article with a headline like that. But at this point, it is becoming extremely difficult for the mainstream media to avoid the truth. Inflation is getting worse at the same time that many key sectors of our economy are slowing down. If you thought that the last couple of years were rough for the economy, just wait until you see what is coming next. Tremendous turmoil is on the horizon, and the American people are becoming increasingly emotional about our rapidly growing economic problems.

The more vaccines an infant receives, the greater the risk of hospitalisation and death
Comparing vaccination rates in 34 developed nations revealed a significant correlation between infant mortality rates and the number of vaccine doses infants receive. The US requires the most vaccines and has the highest infant mortality.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Not Healing > 1 Year after Diagnosis
As a cardiologist, my two greatest fears concerning COVID-19 vaccine myocarditis are: 1) sudden cardiac death, 2) permanent damage to the heart resulting in scar. The reason why scar is important is because it puts the patient at risk for two late complications: 1) malignant arrhythmias and cardiac arrest, 2) development of dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

Viral Videos Appear To Show FBI Agents Visiting Homes Over Social Media Posts
The first clip shows three people who claim to be FBI agents visiting a woman called Rolla Abdeljawad at her home in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

WEF Declares Pedophilia 'Sexual Orientation' Must Be Added To LGBTQ+
The LGBTQ+ rainbow community must add a P according to the World Economic Forum in Davos which has declared that pedophilia is an acceptable sexual orientation that deserves respect. According to Klaus Schwab and his globalist cronies, pedophiles must be added to the protected class of citizens in Western countries who identify as LGBTQ and enjoy the benefits of hate crime protection. Under Schwab’s directive in countries including Trudeau’s Canada, anybody found guilty of insulting a pedophile could face five years to life in prison.

How The Federal Reserve Created An American Caste System
In 1913, Woodrow Wilson and his progressives promised that the Federal Reserve would avert both depressions and inflation, while preventing the wealthy from controlling America’s financial markets at the expense of the poor.

America Was Misled on Jan. 6, New Congressional Investigation Finds
The narrative on Jan.6 is changing, as new findings demonstrate that the public was lied to. A new report published by the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight details several new findings, which expose how a former House committee was misleading the public in order to push a political agenda. It also exposes how evidence was deleted and hidden from the public, and how lies were promoted as truth. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp, we’ll discuss this topic and others, and answer questions from the audience.

Tennessee Bill Bans 'Geoengineering Experiments' and 'Intentionally Dispersing Chemicals Into the Atmosphere'
“The intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances, or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight is prohibited,” the bill reads.

There's No Excuse For Being Clueless
Given the work that I do, it grieves me to see so many professing Christians who are so ignorant of the days and times we’re living in. Most don’t know and don’t want to know what’s really going on in this world — or how Christ-followers are to respond to it all. Truly, those who are not Christians, or are “nominal Christians” at best, are much more well informed than those who claim to be “devout.” Because most modern American churches today do more harm than good for the Kingdom of God.

Is The Soaring Cost Of Living Stressing You Out? U.S. Households Are Spending An Extra $11,434 Per Year Just To Maintain The Same Standard Of Living
I used to really enjoy going to the grocery store. I would relentlessly hunt for deals, and I would show off what I was able to find when I got home. But now all of the bargains are gone. Instead, there are ridiculous prices and there are even more ridiculous prices. The prices for some of the things that I normally buy have doubled. In other cases, the prices have almost doubled. Of course the soaring cost of living is the direct result of decisions that our leaders have made. They just kept borrowing, spending and flooding the system with money, and now the cost of living is wildly out of control.

Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).
The CHD asserts that over the past several decades, numerous scientific publications have demonstrated the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure from wireless sources – such as smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, smart meters and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices – at levels well below maximum federal exposure limits.

Government Ordered Doctors to Kill Patients to Boost Covid Fears
Several doctors have come forward to blow the whistle with bombshell statements alleging they were ordered by the government to kill patients and list the cause of their deaths as “Covid” in order to boost fears about the virus among the general public.

WEF Pushes Ban on Home-Grown Food to ‘Fight Climate Change’
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on governments to ban the general public from growing their own food at home by arguing that they are causing “climate change.”

The vaccine industry is a fraud; for 225 years vaccines have been making people unhealthier
One of the reasons the polio vaccine doesn’t work is because polio isn’t caused by an infectious virus. It’s caused by toxins. Poliovirus is a commensal virus that is completely harmless in the absence of toxic onslaught.

Veterans Affairs Sued to Provide 'Gender-Affirming' Surgery to 163,000 Transgender Vets
The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, follows a letter sent out by the TAVA on last November’s ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ demanding that the VA start paying for the surgeries or face legal action.

America’s First 15-Minute City Has Been Created In Tempe, Arizona – Do Residents Know What’s in Store for Them?
A Tempe, Arizona, neighborhood has been named “Culdesac” and is America’s first example of a 15-minute city, a vision of the World Economic Forum and the globalist cult, who are pitching the concept as being more environmentally friendly. Instead of seeing this development as a dystopian nightmare, Culdesac residents appear to be thrilled at their new way of life, do they have any idea what they have in store for them?

Covid ‘Booster’ Shots Cause Heart Failure in Young Adults, Top Study Confirms
The study, published in the world-renowned European Heart Journal on February 15, found that a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna injections is directly linked to the “increased incidence rate of myocarditis.”

RFK Jr: COVID Jabs Are Bioweapons Developed by U.S. Military
The global elite have been lying to humanity every step of the way, about every detail, as part of an effort to terrorize the masses into compliance. There is just one problem for Schwab and his co-conspirators in government cabinets and Big Pharma board rooms in global capitals. Millions of people around the world did not fall for the swindle and we are forensically examining the crime scene.

Proposed Canadian law could see Christians jailed for quoting the Bible
Should Christians be arrested for quoting portions of the Bible in public? Should pastors be charged with a “hate crime” when they preach against certain sins? Should churches be closed if the government does not approve of their beliefs?

For Those Who Say American Troops Would Not Fire On US Citizens – They Did It Before
Our military will FOLLOW ORDERS, just like cops and all Federal and local Law Enforcement will.

Child Rape Victim Testifies 'Michelle Obama Raped Me When She Was a Man'
A child rape victim has blown the whistle and testified about the cult of pedophilia operating in the White House during the Obama years, alleging that both Obama and Biden raped her during their time in office. Multiple powerful pedophiles stalked the halls of the White House during Obama’s presidency, according to Ally Carter, none more shameless than then Vice President Biden whose secret security staff have long been aware of his sick predilections. But the culture of pederasty did not stop at the top during the Obama years. It permeated the entire system and goes much deeper than you might expect. According to …. alleges she was also raped by Michelle Obama and this is where things get really disturbing. Presidents. Vice Presidents. Art collectors. Hollywood executives. Climate czars and pizza shop owners. Let’s face it, it’s one big depraved cult and thank god you ain’t in it.

King Charles and Close Friends Raped 'Hundreds of Children' - Explosive New Testimony
King Charles has been implicated in a massive decades-old pedophile ring at an “elite” British boarding school, according to revelations by a former student and whistleblower who has blown the lid off the horrific scale of the elite’s chosen vice. According to an award-winning journalist who attended the school as a boy, children at the elite school are routinely beaten, harassed, raped, and driven to suicide. Inevitably with pedophilia, all roads lead to Rome. In this case Rome’s latest incarnation: the British ‘royal’ family, who, in the words of Stevens, regularly visit Aldenham School to “feed” on children.

Pfizer To Rake In Trillions From Turbo Cancer Deaths, Insider Claims
Turbo cancer is set to claim the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people in the next few years, according to a Pfizer insider who warns that everybody vaccinated with mRNA is a walking, talking time bomb waiting to explode. According to the insider, the Covid pandemic and the mRNA roll out was an operation with decades of planning, with the express purpose of injuring people, maiming, and killing vast numbers of people deliberately. But it gets even worse. The mRNA roll out is only in its infancy. The sick and twisted ghouls responsible for the massive spike in turbo cancers are now set to reap massive financial benefits by forcing the entire world to get vaccinated against the problem they caused in the first place. The globalist elite are using the pharmaceutical industry to carry out the greatest crime against humanity in history, and as usual they are determined to hide their wicked agenda in plain sight.

Ohio Megachurch Performs Annual Super Bowl Themed Service. Pastor Punts Bible Across Stage Like Football
“It was the first time I heard that Crossroads would do anything short of sin to get people in the door. At first, that phrase alone sounded too provocative, and I bristled. But then I broke it down. OK, if it’s short of sin, it’s not sinning. So, maybe it’s OK,” said an editor for the church in an article.

EU Legalizes Child Porn As WEF Agenda To Normalize Pedophilia Accelerates
Germany has decriminalized bestiality and child pornography, Spain now encourages pedophiles to parade their naked victims around the streets, and France does not have an age of consent law anymore. That’s right – Europe has fallen under the influence of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the shameless campaign to normalize pedophilia and other perversions in the western world. According to Schwab, the EU’s push to normalize pedophilia and legalize sexual relations with children must now be adopted with the same enthusiasm in the US. There is just one problem for Schwab and the other reprobates who crawl the halls of his globalist headquarters in Davos. We will never allow his sick agenda to infiltrate our culture. This is a hill we are willing to die on.

SHERIFF gave me a WARNING and you should hear it!
A Sheriff in Ohio after the annual DC conference warns constiuents that an attack on the US is imminent. This video was put out yesterday. This channel's video put out today also shows footage of that Sheriff saying to prep up and it's going to be so bad you're going to be on your own.

Tens of Thousands of Elderly Secretly Euthanized to Boost ‘Covid Deaths’
A bombshell new report has sent shockwaves around the world after an investigation into the high numbers of “Covid deaths” during the pandemic uncovered evidence that tens of thousands of elderly people were actually murdered to boost the mortality rates.

Australia sets a date to achieve the first goal of The Great Reset – nationwide digital IDs
The Australian government recently announced it has set 1 July as the tentative rollout date for its nationwide digital ID. The exact date will depend on the timing of its legislation which is due to be adopted by the federal parliament.

Town locals concerned over ‘diaper spa’ for adults with diaper fetishes (and it's near a children's park)
ATKINSON, NH – A business reportedly catering to adults harboring diaper fetishes has opened its doors in the New Hampshire city of Atkinson, spawning concerns among locals as to the sorts of clientele such an establishment would introduce to the area.

Pope Francis Orders Christians To 'Pray to Satan' for 'Real Enlightenment'
If you thought Pope Francis couldn’t possibly make it any clearer that he is a false prophet who worships the Devil, you would be wrong. If you thought the pontiff who replaced the conservative Pope Benedict in a globalist coup orchestrated by Obama, Clinton and Soros couldn’t find an even more disgraceful way to betray his followers than he has in the past, you would be wrong again. Pope Francis has outdone himself this time, putting his Satanic cards on the table in the most shameless and blasphemous manner possible. That’s right, he announced the coming of Lucifer and told his followers to get down on their knees and pay their respects.

Hundreds of Celebrities and Vaccine Promoters Drop Dead or are Seriously Injured as a Result of the COVID Lethal Injection.
Behold the many blessings of pharmaceutical sorcery otherwise called “vaccination”. DO NOT TRUST THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT EVER. It is run and controlled by luciferian/satanists that take great delight in destroying people’s lives.

Owning the Weather in 2025: A forecast study published in 1996 by the US Airforce
The abstract of the ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier’ report stated: “In 2025, US aerospace forces can ‘own the weather’ by capitalising on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible.”

The First Casualty of War Is Truth. And Propaganda is the First Weapon Used in Times of War
“Propaganda is the way the ruling classes get the working classes to march off to war and how the billionaire CEOs of the multinational big Pharma, Big Medicine corporations (and Bill Gates, the CDC, the WHO, etc, etc) gets parents to willingly over-vaccinate their vulnerable, immune-compromised infants with vaccines that have never been subjected to FDA-approved, double-blind clinical trials to establish safety or efficacy, especially long-term!”

Consciousness May Actually Begin Before Birth, Study Suggests
Although the prevailing theory throughout the 20th century was that consciousness didn’t develop until many months after birth, this new research argues that consciousness could occur much earlier, and even possibly in the final month of pregnancy. (Note: The study makes it clear that any consciousness that could develop during pregnancy only occurs around 35 weeks of gestation.) The researchers published their findings in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

WEF Tells Americans 'Your God Given Rights Are a Fiction - You Will Be Happier as Slaves'
Citizens of the United States and other western countries who believe they have “god given rights” are in for a rude awakening according to the World Economic Forum which has declared that human beings have the same rights as “jellyfish.” Human beings must prepare to be enslaved, according Klaus Schwab’s right-hand-man, Yuval Noah Harari, because everything that humans believe about God, their nations, and themselves is fake news. Harari’s disturbing speech represents the most devastating attack by the WEF on humanity to date and signals that the elite are shifting their mission to enslave the masses into high gear. But we’ve got news for the prophet of Davos and his cronies at the World Economic Forum. We the people are waking up and we are not going to be gaslit by globalist psychopaths spewing lies and falsehoods.

WEF Unveils 'Flying Microchips' That Can Detect 'Thought Crimes' and 'Disable Your Brain'
The World Economic Forum in Davos has unveiled the latest technology designed to surveil populations, monitor for thought crimes and alter human behavior – with or without your consent. As NPR report, it’s “neither a bird nor a plane, but a winged microchip as small as a grain of sand that can be carried by the wind as it monitors such things as pollution levels or the spread of airborne diseases.” As usual, the manipulative mainstream media is only giving their audience half the story. But strap yourself in because we’ve got the WEF-funded scientists at Northwestern University admitting on video what the real agenda behind the groundbreaking technology really is.

Covid Vaccines Are Officially Deadliest Drug In History and Nobody Is Allowed to Talk About It
The Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is now officially the most deadly drug in the history of Western medicine, killing and injuring hundreds of millions of people, with new cases emerging every single day as the fallout from the rollout continues to blow out exponentially. But don’t take my word from it. The data that proves Covid vaccines are the deadliest drug in the long history of Western medicine is taken from Pfizer’s own documents. That’s right – Pfizer have released documents admitting the unprecedented carnage caused by their product. While previous deadly drugs caused a scandal in their day – think of Thalidomide, for instance – nobody is allowed to talk about the fact experimental mRNA vaccines have killed an extraordinary number of people. The cover up is extraordinary and it continues to this day with Bill Gates recently boasting of a new range of mRNA vaccines for every conceivable ailment. This evil plot against humanity has been in the works for years, and those who know the truth have a duty to expose it to as many people as possible.

Man Who Destroyed Satanic Shrine In Iowa Capitol Charged With ‘Hate Crime’
Instead of simply charging him with misdemeanor damage to property or vandalism, the Des Moines Register reports that Polk County prosecutors charged the veteran with felony third-degree criminal mischief, arguing that the act was “in violation of individual rights” under Iowa’s hate crime statue.

United Airlines CEO is a cross-dressing freak…
Have you noticed? The US aviation industry is crashing, both literally and figuratively. It’s like we’re watching the whole airline sector fall apart at the seams: pilots passing away out of the blue, passengers turning flights into WWE-style brawls, doors and windows blowing off mid-flight, and air traffic controllers resorting to Google for on-the-spot training. And when it seems things couldn’t get stranger, there’s the case of the freaky guy leading United Airlines.

Babylon The Great Is Fallen
 have good news, and bad news. First the good news, from Psalm 33: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” Now the bad news: God is not pleased with the United States of America. Almighty God is no longer Lord of our nation. In Moses’ last days, as his death was near, he instructed the Israelites specifically and emphatically as to how they should conduct themselves, how they should raise and train their children and he warned what would happen if they ever forsook the Lord their God, who gave them the Promised Land as their inheritance.

Margaret Sanger and the Culture of Death
Since 1916 when Sanger opened the nation’s first birth control clinic in New York City, Planned Parenthood has become a multi-billion-dollar “nonprofit” organization. According to its 2022 annual report, Planned Parenthood has more than $2 billion in assets and generated more than $1.6 billion in revenue worldwide in 2022, including $670 million from government sources. In addition to now being the largest abortion provider in America, Planned Parenthood is also the largest provider of pornographic comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in public schools, and is the second largest provider of harmful puberty blockers and hormone treatments in America. Planned Parenthood is operating a perpetuating cycle of death that has claimed millions of lives in abortions since 1970; harmed more than 274,000 adults and minors alike with medical procedures performed in 2020-2022, including harmful, “experimental gender services;” and has provided public schools with CSE that promotes adolescent sexual activity and experimentation, and normalization of “transgenderism” that aims to channel more people into its “services.”

Humzah Mashkoor had just cleared security at Denver International Airport when the FBI showed up. The agents had come to arrest the 18-year-old, who is diagnosed with a developmental disability, and charge him with terror-related crimes. At the time of the arrest, a relative later said in court, Mashkoor was reading ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ a book written for elementary school children.