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Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st transgender bishop
“My call is ... to be up to the same messy, loving things I was up to before,” Rohrer told worshippers. “But mostly, if you’ll let me, and I think you will, my hope is to love you and beyond that, to love what you love.”

Dr Madej is a real light bearer.. A Truth Teller. Her courage should inspire even the most fearful.. She is A breath of fresh air in this day of so much propaganda and lies. She is well versed on the Good and Bad Science. But is also very spiritual in her solutions. I encourage you to watch this with a Family Member or friend and pass on to as many as possible.


The Mark of the Beast Has Arrived
Greg Reese reports on Corey Digs’ extensive research into how the QR Code will be used to mark every human being on Earth.

Australia Could Force Citizens to Report Their Location on Demand Via Government Tracking App
The government of South Australia is running a trial for a system that could eventually force citizens to take a photo of themselves via a government app to report their location on demand within 15 minutes of authorities requesting it or face a police investigation.

Texas Law That Bans Abortion Before Many Women Know They're Pregnant Takes Effect
Legislation banning abortions after about six weeks is now the law of the land in Texas, effectively ending Roe v. Wade protections in the state.

Satanic Temple argues abortion is religious right, challenging Texas law
The controversial Texas heartbeat bill, which bans most abortions in the state after six weeks' gestation, is now under attack from the Massachusetts-based group The Satanic Temple, which argues that the law infringes on the group’s religious freedom by imposing an “undue burden” on its "satanic abortion ritual."

3,000-Plus Pediatricians, Medical Professionals Sue Biden Admin Over Transgender Mandate
Pediatricians and other health care workers are suing the Biden administration over a mandate tied to health care which would, according to the suit, require medical professionals to provide gender-related services and surgeries despite objections, medical or otherwise.

University Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Unborn Babies While Their Hearts are Still Beating
The University of Pittsburgh may have inadvertently provided more evidence this week that aborted babies may be being born alive and left to die so that their organs may be used for scientific research, according to the Center for Medical Progress.


Watch: Suspected Antifa agitators invade prayer event, launch unprovoked attack on worshipers BECAUSE THE CHURCH FAILED TO PROTECT THE UNBORN GOD HAS WITHDRAWN HIS BLESSING!!
An evangelical Christian group had gathered peacefully on Saturday afternoon at a downtown park near the Portland waterfront for a worship service, when dozens of armed antifa terrorists, carrying shields and dressed in black, showed up to put an end to it.

Public Schools Video

Dying Society

Human beings were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26, 27). We were created with the ability to think, reason, and act. And while liberty, the freedom to think and choose, is essential to being sentient, to being an image-bearer of our Creator, these abilities are not the most important elements of God’s image that we were created to possess. After all, Satan can think, reason, and act, yet he no longer reveals the image of God.

FORETOLD: They are eliminating people’s souls
In the future, the soul will be eliminated by medicine. On the pretense of health, there will be a vaccine whereby the human organism will be treated as soon as possible, possibly directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the awareness of the soul and the Spirit.

“Nothing in the ConsƟtuƟon Establishes a Right to AborƟon
3,300 babies are murdered every day during an abortion. Their beating heart which can be heard as early as 12-18 days, stops. Nearly 65 MILLION babies murdered since 9 men on the Supreme Court ruled Roe v Wade.

Firebrand Tennessee pastor declares he'll BAN churchgoers who wear masks and says he's 'sick' of hearing about 'this Delta variant nonsense'
A firebrand Tennessee pastor said he would ban churchgoers who insist on wearing masks, as he denied the existence of the Delta COVID variant and called COVID mandates 'Democrat games.'

Graphic Content Warning: Crowd Gasps as Fed-Up Parents Read School's Pornographic Books Out Loud at Board Meeting
If there’s one good thing that came out of school closures, it’s that parents finally had a window into what their kids were being exposed to in the classroom — and many were horrified by what they saw.

After a mass shooting in 2018, the Santa Fe Independent School District in Texas decided to try facial recognition as an added layer of security.

Teacher Defends Showing Masturbation Videos to First-Graders
Last fall it was discovered that a teacher at Dalton School was showing cartoon videos on masturbation to first graders. After parents caught wind of what the teacher was showing their 5 and 6-year-olds, the teacher Justine Ang Fonte, resigned from the school.

The Cowards Go First
There is nothing in this world that is more repugnant to Christianity than cowardice. In fact, it is so repulsive to Christ that it is considered worth of the death penalty.

People are losing their minds over a video comparing US and Russian military recruitment adverts.
The Twitter video, with 3 million views, was captioned: ‘Russian Army Ad vs. Woke-left Liberal U.S. Army Ad. The West = done.’

The King of Lies is Mocking You
Burger King is donating for every chicken sandwich purchased this month to the LGBTQ "Human Rights Campaign" pushing the misnamed "Equality Act."

Fear, Control and the Authoritarian Abuse of Power
Sadly, after years upon years of conditioning, most people don’t use critical thinking (logic is not taught in government schools) and instead let others think for them. This became all too obvious with the propaganda of fear proliferated by worldwide establishment hierarchies.

How to Operate a Human via Remote Control
Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to cadets and faculty at West Point’s the Modern War Institute about a range of topics, including on psycho-neurobiology, and war.

Man-monkey hybrid sparks fears of 'Frankenstein' creatures
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, said in April that it participated with a China-led research team in an experiment by injecting human stem cells into monkey embryos. They allowed the resulting creature to live and grow for 19 days before terminating it. The researchers responsible for the technology used in the experiment said their work aided the study of embryonic development.

'So Sue Us': Amazon Responds To 75,000 Customers Who Say Alexa Spied On Them
After receiving more than 75,000 individual complaints that it's Alex-powered Echo devices were spying on them, Amazon has abandoned its policy that such complaints must be resolved outside the court system via secretive arbitration proceedings, and will instead allow customers to file lawsuits, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The increase of LGBTQ characters and themes popping up in TV shows made for children in the last decade is not an organic development. It’s the consequence of so-called “queer creators” pushing the LGBTQ agenda and working with major entertainment ne
A recent, extensive report by Entertainment Insider highlights the increase of LGBTQ messaging in children’s programming, and explains that LGBTQ activists behind the scenes have made it happen.

Google Unveils Pill That Turns You Into A Human Antenna
Now there is tracking on you at all times with this new pill antenna technology being revealed by google.

Tribulation Flunkies and You! (Taking Off the Gloves)
The mark is coming and the church isn’t ready. Are You? Alison Leal tells it like it is with an end times challenge.

We'll corrupt your children
People are saying the video of the San Francisco Gay Men's Choior singing "We'll corrupt your children" is parody. It is not parody. That choior actually exists.

Whole Foods to roll out Mark of the Beast biometric palm scanning payment technology across its U.S. stores
The first “Amazon Fresh” grocery store equipped with “Just Walk Out” technology has opened, allowing customers to purchase groceries without having to wait in a long checkout line.

Do You Want To Lose Your Soul? This Video Explains The "Vaccine Agenda". Must Watch!!
Dr. Carrie Madej confirms that the Messenger MRNA DNA Changing Vaccine will make you Transhuman 2.0. All the vaccines being rolled out are designed to change your DNA and make you transhuman. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s Holy Spirit does not dwell in a machine and people that take the Covd 19 vaccine which is the Mark of the Beast 666, it will cause you to lose your soul for an eternity! There is no chance for redemption for anyone foolish enough to take the Mark of the Beast / Covid-19 vaccine / PCR Test / Neuralace. The Devil has more than one Mark so do not inject anything into your body or affix anything onto your skin from either Killer Gates or Executioner Musk or anyone else for that matter.

Canadian churches being burned. WARNING!! America YOU are next!!
Are they connected? Do we believe in coincidences? It all seems very odd and suspicious to me.

Woman Goes Topless At Public Pool, Claiming She’s Male. Aquatic Center Does Nothing: Report
In mid-June, in Pella, Iowa, the home of a charming Dutch, Christian Reformed community, a middle-aged woman who claims she is a male was permitted to saunter around the Pella Aquatic Center topless and use the men’s locker room, and the Aquatic Center reportedly did nothing to prevent it.

Here Is That SICK Sex Ed Video Teaching First Graders To Masturbate
Early warning on this article….this take is graphic.

The War Over Genetic Privacy Is Just Beginning
All of those fascinating, genealogical searches that allow you to trace your family tree by way of a DNA sample can now be used against you and those you love.

Woke Won’t Win Wars
The Department of Defense (DoD) is doubling down on force-feeding the U.S. “woke” philosophical notions as if the divisive “theories” were ground truth. Liberty Nation explained the insinuation of the woke, Marxist thinking of Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the training of the U.S. Armed Forces. However, while the Defense Department embraces pre-communist ideologies, as many as a dozen state governments have passed or are considering legislation to ban CRT.

Woman Goes Off After Seeing A Transgender Man Exposing Himself In Front Of Little Girls At A Spa!

NFL declares that 'football is gay' in new video for Pride Day embracing Carl Nassib after the Las Vegas Raiders defensive end came out
The video released on Monday shows simple white text against a black background, as snare drums play in the background and people are heard cheering as the text declares 'Football is gay.'

A boundary-breaking beauty queen! Filipino-American becomes the FIRST transgender woman to be crowned Miss Nevada - and will now go on to make history as the first-ever trans Miss USA contestant
The Miss Nevada pageant has crowned its first-ever transgender winner, who will go on to compete for the title of Miss USA later this year.

We’ve all heard about the newest insult to our lives and our children. I refer, of course, to the growing adoption of “critical race theory” as part of public school curriculums. Why should we be surprised? Many of our top colleges have been adopting what can only be called Marxist indoctrination of their students for many years. A friend recently sent me a letter written by a North Korean immigrant who attended Columbia University in New York City. This courageous young woman had escaped North Korea into China at great risk, crossed the Gobi Desert to Mongolia with the help of Christian missionaries, and eventually made her way to South Korea. She then came to America to attend what she thought was a great, prestigious school (Columbia University), only to discover that Columbia’s political correctness was perhaps even worse than that of North Korea!

Canada's Churches Are Being Systematically Burned Down
WARNING!! America YOU are next!!

Human Composting, a New End-of-Life Choice, Turns Bodies Into Soil: 'Rejoin the Natural Cycle'
At the age of 50, Nina Schoen expects to have a long life ahead of her, but the Seattle-based project manager has thought a lot about death - and why people are so reluctant to talk about it: "It's going to happen to all of us," she says, "but it should be a more positive experience than the fear we infuse into it."

Hacking the Brain With Nanoparticles
This video mash-up of science lectures and interviews gives us a sense of just how far DARPA has come in delivering the Technocratic wet dream of implementing a global Artificial Intelligence network for human command and control. It was already introduced as a way to “upgrade one’s intelligence” and not get “left behind” by automation, when Elon Musk unveiled Neuralink in 2019.

Girl, 14, accuses Virginia school board of putting her in danger by letting boys use girls locker rooms
An eighth grader in Virginia has slammed Loudoun County Public Schools for a policy she claims lets boys use girls locker rooms, putting female students in danger.

Rachel Levine Touts Mental Health!

US troops forced to segregate by race and sex for ‘privilege walks,’ told they’re racist and more, Sen. Cotton says
Cotton summarized several of the complaints he had received in a whistleblower tip line he established with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) to allow troops to report on the “woke” and racially charged training in which they are being forced to participate. Cotton noted several examples of racially charged activities, including segregation, mandatory training and reading, and superiors declaring entire branches or units racist.

Trans Crafter Offers Soft Penis to Little Girls: ‘Bitty Bug Soft Packer’
We now live in a world where people are crocheting fake penises for CHILDREN to wear in their pants so that little girls can pretend to be little boys.

VA to Cover Gender Confirmation Surgery for Transgender Veterans
The Department of Veterans Affairs is moving to lift a 20-year ban on gender confirmation surgeries for trans people and will allow the procedure to be covered under VA benefits, Secretary Denis McDonough is expected to announce Saturday.

Report: Court Rules Against Baker Who Refused to Make Gender Transition Cake
According to reports, a Colorado court has ruled against Masterpiece Cakeshop baker Jack Phillips after he refused to make a cake for a gender transition celebration. He was sued for refusing to make the cake.

Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam lead Kellogg's Gay Pride parade. So "Christians" Keep Right On Buying Kellogg Products And Sin Against God!!
As part of its effort to push homosexuality to children, Kellogg’s is going "all out" by partnering with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) by making its cereal characters a main focus of promotion.

Penn State To Stop Using "Freshman", "Sophomore", Other Terms Because Of "Male-Centric" History
The Penn State Faculty Senate approved a proposition in April, which would change the terms freshman, sophomore, junior and senior to first-year, second-year, third-year and fourth-year. And, the terms “underclassmen” and “upperclassmen” would be replaced with “lower division” and “upper division.”

Texas governor signs law banning abortions after six weeks, allows lawsuits for procedure
(AUSTIN, Texas) Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation on Wednesday that would ban abortions as early as six weeks, with no exceptions for rape or incest, and allow anyone in the state to sue over an abortion procedure, according to The Daily Beast.

Kellogg's new LGBTQ cereal wants to fill your mouth with Pride - GO AHEAD "CHRISTIANS" KEEP BUYING KELLOGG PRODUCTS - HELL MIGHT BE COOLER FOR YOU!!
The "Together" cereal features rainbow hearts and edible glitter

MD Whistleblower Leaking Plans For Staged Viral Release Triggering UN Takeover / Depopulation
⁣Censored 2009 Report Featured MD Whistleblower Leaking Plans For Staged Viral Release Triggering UN Takeover / Depopulation

Police State: Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

“We Might Have Some Drag Queens in Training”: PBS Children’s Show Features Dancing Drag Queen
Let’s Learn is a PBS show for children aged three to eight. Created to help children with remote learning, the show is produced in partnership with the public media company The WNET Group and the New York City Department of Education.

Academy kicks off Transgender Working Group
U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. – In the wake of policy changes this year from the president and Defense Department, the Air Force Academy created a Transgender Working Group to raise awareness and understanding of transgender Airmen, Guardians and cadets at the school.

Anyone That Takes The Covid-19 Jab Will Be Turned From The Image Of God To The Image Of The Beast! How People Will Be Forced To Worship The Beast or Die. Must See Interview With Dr. Carrie Madej And Jana!
Dr Carrie Madej runs through yet again the information that cannot be voiced too often. This video runs into more spiritual and religious areas. The real-world aspects of what she says remain consistent with many other medical specialists’ comments. God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s name YHVH is embedded into our DNA.

BREAKING: Human Sex Trafficking Survivor Shares Soul Shocking Intel In Exclusive My Patriots Network Interview! Contains Foul Language
We talk about her past, she mentions specific names and groups and you’ll also hear Ally’s vision for the future and a goal we can all work towards creating collectively.

Are America’s Pastors the Real Thieves?
I don’t know why I seem to always draw the short stick. There are a lot of things that I could write about that would not cause others so much distress, but it seems as if my lot in life is to be the pebble in the shoe, or the sand in the gears.

Total Tyranny: We’ll All Be Targeted Under the Government’s New Precrime Program
Just as we get a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, there might be a chance of crawling out of this totalitarian cesspool in which we’ve been mired, we get kicked down again.

X-Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion

Judge sides with Biden, rules that Christian college must open women’s bedrooms and showers to biological males
A federal judge this week rejected a Christian college’s request to bypass new rules under the Biden administration that force religious schools to open their dormitories — including shared bedrooms and shower spaces — to members of the opposite sex.

Tennessee gov. signs bill to separate school bathrooms based on biological sex PRAISE GOD SOME ARE FINALLY FIGHTING BACK!!
NASHVILLE, Tennessee, May 18, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee (R) has signed bills to separate school bathrooms according to biological sex and crack down on policies that increase the risk of sexual assault and other harm in private spaces.

American Boy Scouts have gone WOKE: Eagles now required to earn ‘diversity and inclusion’ badges
The Boy Scouts of America organization has released a lengthy letter iterating their support for the BLM organization and explaining the implementation of new diversity measures.

Good Morning America

This warning was delivered around 2015 at one of Pastor Butch Paugh's seminars. HOW PROPHECTIC!!
Please also note that all three people on the state have since went on to be with our Lord!

Baby Harvesting Caught On Camera - Watch If You Can!!
caution human harvesting baby parts more evidence part 3 to back up what you are watching now part 1 is on this channel its more detailed when we find the video we will post ⁣

World's smallest single-chip system can be injected into the body
The continuing miniaturization of electronics is opening up some exciting possibilities when it comes to what we might place in our bodies to monitor and improve our health. Engineers at Columbia University have demonstrated an extreme version of this technology, developing the smallest single-chip system ever created, which could be implanted with a hypodermic needle to measure temperature inside the body, and possibly much more.

Today on TRUNEWS, host Edward Szall reports on the latest efforts to implement a global identification system, fulfilling the prophecies of Revelation 13. New pay-with-your-palm and facial recognition technology are providing an opportunity for ruling oligarchs to control the populations of nations

Back in 2012, palm scanners were being tested in school cafeterias. Fast forward nine years later, churches, businesses, and individuals are accepting biometric scanning to purchase everyday needs thanks to the coronavirus ‘pandemic.’

When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty
If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny. —Thomas Jefferson

U.S. Military Goes Full LGBT With Recruitment Video And All Gay Helicopter Crew
These days, the whole world is falling apart it seems, but nothing comes close to the rot we are seeing within the United States. The government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was a disaster. It was the pandemic that never was, (see: Out Of All COVID Deaths, Only 5% Were Solely Due To COVID: CDC).

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Another Wonderful Tradition Perverted By Sexual Deviants!!

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects
This document sets forth a common Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (Model Policy) accepted by the Office of Science and Technology Policy and promulgated in regulation by each of the listed Departments and Agencies. A Proposed Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects published November 10, 1988 (53 FR 45661) has been revised in response to public comments. The Policy as revised is now set forth as a common final rule. For related documents, see other sections of this Federal Register part.

Governor signs law allowing Ten Commandments in schools
The governor of North Dakota has signed a bill to allow the display of the Ten Commandments in schools.

The Seven Principalities of Hell
I have never used my column to discuss something that another author had written but I am going to break that tradition. On my daily show we talk about all things spiritual and how the dark forces are having their way with the American church. We are warned in Scripture that “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” and there can be know doubt that very few Christians understand how the invisible, spiritual realm impacts what goes on here in the natural world.

Montage of Southern Baptist Churches Turn to Women Preachers on Mother’s Day
The Southern Baptist Convention is facing a crossroads at this moment in history and must decide on its future. The denomination has taken up numerous causes–from racialist ideology to feminism to homosexuality–that many churches are deeply divided over.

Big Pharma Creates COVID Vaccination Wristbands to Help Speed Up Checkpoint Passage
Comrades, let it not be said the ministry of COVID compliance does not listen to the citizens. After considering the bad optics of armbands, due to negative historic references, the government is allowing the private sector to create a modern method of compliance with vaccination protocols.

Beth Moore and Jory Micah Agree, Not All Scripture Is Breathed Out by God
As big tech continues its crackdown on conservative blogs, our days on these platforms are numbered. Please subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on gab so that we can continue to stay in touch with you.

I'm an Extremist! Are you?
I have often been accused of being an “extremist.” (Perhaps you have as well.) I have decided to explore “extremism” as it relates to our faith, and decide when this label is an insult, and when it is a compliment.

Clackamas United Church of Christ Disagrees With Jesus On Just About Everything
Clackamas United Church of Christ is located in Milwaukie Oregan. They have recently gained slight notoriety for their church signs. Many of the messages on these signs make claims that downright go against the teachings of Christ. Below we show the signs and we will give a basic breakdown of just how unbiblical they are.

Taxpayers Must Now Fund Trafficking of Baby Body Parts
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has reversed a policy put in place under President Donald Trump that halted all NIH funded research using aborted fetal tissue. The Biden administration will now force taxpayers to fund the trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

A parent is suing to overturn NY law to allow them to marry their own child
A parent in New York wants to marry their own child and has filed a lawsuit to overturn current laws in place that prohibit the incestuous practice, in the name of “individual autonomy.”

They are not hiding anything now.

Brokeback Mountain Star, Michelle Williams Praises Her “Right to Choose” that Helped Make Her Famous
Those who still defend a woman’s “right to choose” should at the very least admit that what they “choose” is to terminate the life of a child in exchange for their own selfish motives. It is clear that the pro-choice movement is about selfish ambitions, convenience, and the pursuit of personal gratification above all else. What it always ends with, however, is death.

The Mark Of The Beast Runs Through The Church
John Darby and Cyrus Scofield’s “Rapture” invention was concocted to usher in what is happening right now. The false, unscriptural Rapture doctrine that envelops the vast majority of evangelical churches made them easy prey for the hounds of hell that are now feasting upon them.

Pastor Who Was Arrested Ignites Revival
TAMPA, FL – As a result of a pastor experiencing arrest and criminal charges from local officials who were discriminating against houses of worship during COVID lockdowns last year, his church has not only thrived but flourished.

Sen. Warnock Deletes Easter Tweet Amid Cries of 'Heresy'
Warnock, D-Ga., used his Twitter account to claim Easter transcended the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that both Christians and non-Christians can save themselves by doing good.

LGBT Students File Lawsuit Against U.S. Gov To Strip Religious Exemption From Christian Schools 501c3 CORPORATIONS are NOT churches!!
he homosexual mafia will not leave the Christian community alone. A “coalition” of 33 current and former LGBT students who decided of their own free will, to “join” Christian schools have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education.

BREAKING: GraceLife Church RAIDED by police — fencing went up at dawn
GraceLife Church is under the care of Pastor James Coates, who recently spent 35 days in the Edmonton Remand Centre after he turned himself in for breaking public health laws on COVID-19.

City Council Meeting in Alaska Begins With Prayer to Satan
On April 6, the Assembly of the Kenai Peninsula Borough in Alaska began its meeting with a Luciferian prayer to Satan. The prayer was given by Iris Fontana, a member of the Satanic Temple.

Lil Nas X is fully leaning into his new hellish aesthetic -- teaming up with an idea org to release "Satan Shoes" ... this on the heels of his polarizing music video on the same subject. The rapper/pop star is putting out a limited release of Nike sneakers that are all about the Prince of Darkness and his kingdom ... right down to the box artwork and even the shoe design itself, which features a pentagram emblem sitting on the laces.

Lil Nas X Unveils ‘Satan Shoes’ That Contain Human Blood And Are Limited To 666 Pairs
The "Old Town Road" singer is expected to release the pair of shoes on March 29 as a collaboration with the custom sneaker brand MSCHF. The shoes start at $1,018 and contain "60cc ink and 1 drop of human blood."

A Costless Christianity
As we reach the end of Holy Week in the Christian tradition it would behoove all of us who have found salvation through Jesus Christ to do a bit of an introspective examination of what it means to be a Christian. The title “Christian” tends to be cavalierly tossed around without much analysis.

SICK: New York Senate Passes Law to DETAIN “Contagious” People
The New York State Senate has passed a law to allow arbitrary detention of individuals deemed a coronavirus threat by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Canadian Pastor Expels Gestapo
A no excuses Canadian Pastor expels government Gestapo from his church during Passover. He serves as a signpost and example for those who understand Believers are to be salt and light, not "closet Christians." An arbitration award that was done on behalf of all people stands as a testament to a government of, by, and for the people turned government of, by, and for the corporations. The award stands ready for enforcement.